Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Thanksgiving Holiday in Photos!

First off- sorry for the delay in blogging, but the cable guy has come and says he changed out every wire he could find. We shouldn't have anymore internet down- hopefully.
Christmas has come to the Gillam house! The tree went up today- two days after Thanksgiving.
Maddy helped by fluffing out the tree with her feet- she is quite handy with her toes.... actually, its more about not getting up, especially since there wasn't any ornament hanging at this point- her true love.
Aggie was even helping- she was loving Kevin being on the ground, kissing on him and all up and under the tree. Nice to see her so lively.
Ellie always helpful- not to mention cute.

Back tracking to Thanksgiving.
Gotta record an OOG here- looking out my window this is what I saw Thanksgiving morning:
A guy out front pulling a ladder out of his car to take our coconuts out of our tree. Really odd.
All sorts of cooking and baking going on for the feast- love this kind of cooking. Maddy and Ellie were all over making the pies this year. They love to be helpful in the kitchen.
We actually had the meal over at the Thorntons.
Tons of food, and tons of fun for the kids- they really enjoy the Thornton boys.

The day after Thanksgiving we heard a lot of sirens- turns out Santa was making the rounds on the Fire truck handing out candy canes. Happy girls!

Today amidst all the Christmas decorating at our house, we made a trip to the exchange. Came home with more than we intended (of course!) I even had to go back- I only bought 4 candles when I needed 5- seriously lame, but if I didn't get it today chances are it wouldn't be there next time. Thats the rule around here- get it when you can.
Ran into Santa at the exchange too! The girls feel it wasn't the real one since he was Chamorro.
Finished up the tree before supper.
Excited to see what December brings. I just love Christmas.

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