Sunday, January 23, 2011

Guest Blogger- Ellie (Sunday-palooza!)

Ya , I'm guest blogger.
So last night I caught Mom&Dad having a kiss in the car. It was fun while it lasted,they kinda stopped after a while- thank goodness.
So today I (Mom was out) took pics around the house. Maddy played ANGRY BIRDS. She passed 5 levels . The rest of us DID do different things.........
like Dad did Halo Reach. I don't know very much about his game cause I am not allowed to watch it (because of mom:(
Ya , so every day has work for us Gillams. I am making a Guam monopoly project for culture class and I had to clean my room and do 30 min. of reading! Maddy pulled weeds, did studying for two tests and math homework- outrageous!!!!!!!!!!
And I (on my free time) went directly to www. inner star u. com.Kate (she is my online doll but I also have a real Kate too) was waiting for me to move her ,to play with her & to buy clothing with her. This is her room:
this is Kate online.
A couple of days ago, Maddy got hold of my camera she took pics of...........
Jack Pook-a-looz....
Christmas Barbie....
And her. That's it for her.
Today we went to YL (Yogurtland!) . Dad didn't get to go(giggle giggle giggle te hetehe)

These are the frozen yogurts that Maddy & I got .......
Dad got ..................................
Sushi from the commissary- yuck.
(Any comments pleases write to me in the comment section below)
Thanks for reading- bye!
Love, Ellie

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  1. Ellie,
    Is this your first time as the guest blogger?
    Very good story telling and pictures to match!
    I can't believe you didn't invite US to YogurtLand..... seriously!?? :) JK
    We went to Chili's after church.
    See you around!
    Miss Melda