Sunday, March 13, 2011


Kevin, the girls and myself spent the morning at church (as usual) but skipped Yogurtland this week (much to Ellie's very loudly voiced dismay- subsequently we won't be at Yogurtland again until the beginning of April..... man, I hate it when punishments affect me!). Kevin wanted to get home quickly to get at the grocery shopping (his new weekend job). The girls finished up their chores just in time to meet the Thornton's at the pool for over two hours of great play time. Followed by dinner out at Molly McGee's:
Not an over-the-top great restaurant.... but an affordable, nice place for all of us to get together where the kids can play billiards and shuffleboard during supper time! I think this would be my new Sunday night choice for our two families to get together :) Had a nice time!
Home for an early-ish bedtime..... the standardized testing starts tomorrow- the dreaded Terra Novas! I'll let you know how day one goes.....

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